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BiCupid Review - Best Swinger Website

Bicupid is the first bisexual sites for bisexuals looking for swinger relationship, as it is lunched in 2001, millions of single swingers and bisexuals on this wingers site. As its long time development, it is a thorough and confidential site for people to find swingers. Users can take some advantages of unique features to protect them from advertisements or spams, then local swingers can find their matches more effective. BiCupid is ranked the first. It is the best choice for people who are looking for swinger relationship.

Features of The Best Swinger Website

As the original and best swingers site for people to select, BiCupid offers some excellent features and service to attract real local swingers and swinger finders to find and date their potential partners on this dating site. That’s also one of reasons why growing number of swingers and their partners join this site to explore swinger dating. Plus, This site is one of safe singers sites which does not conduct background checks on the members of this swingers date club. Just check some unique features and make most use of them, then you will make your swinger dating effective on Bi Cupid.

Swinger Videos

It is a the most remarkable and popular feature which makes online swinger dating easier and more effective. Swingers videos can easily catch other sing swingers and swinger couples’ eyes. In addition, it is a direct a way to find the real users on this best swinger website. Users prefer select the make swinger videos to pay more attention by spending little time and energy.

Swinger Date Ideas

Mostly, some swinger couples or single swingers, especially new singer members are not familiar with swinger dating, they need one hand from other members or the site’s customer service. Undoubtedly, as the best swinger site, BiCupid.com provides these effective tips to tell users how to date a swinger, where to find and meet a swinger and some latest news about swinger dating. All date ideas are free to read for all members on this dating site.

Swinger Chat Rooms or Communities

Different single swingers or swinger couples have different interests or hobbies when selecting a swinger buddy. On Bi Cupid, users are able to join some different swinger chat rooms or communities to find their perfect matches with ease. Apart from this, premier members can send messages to their partners directly.

There are more advanced features on BiCupid to make online swinger hookup amazing. If you are one of single swingers seeking real swinger relationship eagerly. Join this site for bisexuals to find swinger relationship.

Price of Bi Cupid

To be honest, almost all high quality and popular swinger sites are not absolutely free dating sites for swingers to use, the same as BiCupid. As usual, users can freely join this site and use some basic features to find swinger singles or swinger couples. But if you are one of these people eagerly find and meet swingers effectively, you’d better upgrade your membership, then you will use some unique features and start talking or dating a swinger effectively. What’s more, the price of this site reasonable for all real swingers. Check the details of price of this swinger website below:

  • 1 month (about $1.00 per day) Month Total Payment of $29.95
  • 3 months (about $19.95 / month) Months Total Payment of $59.95
  • 6 months (about $15.95 / month) Months Total Payment of $95.95


Every one have right to find their suitable partners for happy life, including single swingers. On BiCupid, users are able to find local swingers and other single swinger from across the globe. It provides safe and quiet environment for people looking for swingers to swing lifestyle. Users are able check who are online and contact their potential partner in time. They needn't always be online to wait someone to chat with them. Mostly, swingers are also not free all days, they also need do their business. BiCupid provides advanced service to make online swinger dating or hookup effective and successful.

Since BiCupid has on swinger dating business over 17 years, thousands of success stories showed on this site. Users are able find a nice buddy by getting experience from these success stories provided real swingers on BiCupid. In conclusion, it is the first choice for bisexuals, bi couples and other open-minded adults seeking swing lifestyle.

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