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Swing Lifestyle Review - Swinger Community

Swing Lifestyle is one adult personals site for open-minded people to find and meet potential buddies for swinger relationship. It is a fast developing swinger dating site for people to explore adult swingers. It is a completely mobile friendly website for people to use mobile devices or PC. After that, it provides hundreds of swinger dating blogs and advice to help adult swingers to learn how to start swing lifestyle, what to do before starting swinger dating. SwingLifestyle also lists some swinger parties for swap finders to join. To find more details of this swinger community, check the features below:

Feature of this Swinger Community

SwingLifestyle.com provides some new and interesting features to attract young adult swingers or some straight people but curious about swinger relationship join. For example, SwingLifestyle.com offers swinger games for adult personals to play if they are free and want to release their tension before swinger dating. Some features are really nice for people to find adult personals.

Swinger Stories

There are large number of swinger stories for people to read. These erotic stories are written by these swinger couples and swap finders on this community. There are thousands of swinger stories divided different topics, like romance, first swinger dating, lesbian, bandage and so forth. It is one resource for new members to learn how to find social swingers and also one way to get attraction by providing swinger stories for next successful swinger relationship.

Swinger Clubs in USA

Most of members in Swing Lifestyle are from USA, thus this swinger community provides some swinger clubs in USA, users are able select a location to find a local swinger club or search by swinger club name. It is the convenient way for people to find local swingers straight away.

Swinger DVDs and toys

Swing Lifestyle offers some singer DVDs and some toys for social swingers to buy. It is one feature for people to make swinger relationship exciting and wonderful. Swinger CDs can teach new members to learn how to start swinger relationship and get more information about swinger dating by watching videos on this swinger community. However, the price of swinger DVDs is a little expensive for some young adult swingers.

Price of SwingLifestyle

SwingLifestyle is a popular swinger community for open-minded adults to find swinger relationship, it is not a totally free website or chat room. As it already provided some potential paid things like swinger DVDs and swinger toys, the price of this site is lower than other high quality swinger sites. Users can order the 12-month subscription by spending only $5.75 monthly. Payment methods are available by Credit/Debit Card, Postal Check/Money Order and pay by phone. PayPal is not available on this swinger community.

  • 1 month (about $0.50 per day) Month Total Payment of $14.95
  • 3 months (about $9.66 / month) Months Total Payment of $28.98
  • 6 months (about $8.16 / month) Months Total Payment of $48.96
  • 12 months (about $5.75 / month) Months Total Payment of $68.95


With various members on SwingLifestyle, here are thousands of real adult swingers seeking potential buddies for swinger dating or relationship. Some swinger clubs in USA facilitate swinger couples searching for local swingers easier. Meanwhile, it is fast and functional website attracting more and more young adult swingers(from 18 to 35 years old). Some features and service also designed for active swapping couples and some people curious about swinger dating. In short, Swing Lifestyle is one swinger community provided many swinger clubs for people explore swinger relationships.

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